“Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan” what can Amazon bring to the Spy Genre?

Amazon brings Spy Jack Ryan to life


Super Bowl Ads are darned expensive, so you know that Amazon is up to something when we get a reader of a series that isn’t even available till August.

Jack Ryan Amazon Prime Original
Amazon original series Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan


After the release of 5 movies, starting in 1992 with ” The Hunt for Red October”, and ending with  2004’s ” Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit”, we have received many rates of TomClancy’s super spy going through many dire situations.

It is with this knowledge in mind that has me wonder…what should I expect from this iteration of the new series.

Will it be a straightforward, and drawn out story over the entire series (The Walking ?Dead), to will it be a series of episodic “mission” episodes( the Brave).

Since all we got really, was a teaser, and a huge block print telling us what we were watching, its kinda hard to tell what we are in store for.

However, I am very impressed with the quality of product that Amazon has given us, It is totally different from what we see from other streaming media providers. Series like “Sneaky Pete”, “Bosch”, and ” Transparent” have proved that Amazon is more willing to invest its monies(and they have a lot) into very polished, well produced, and well acted works.

So so now, I’ll be sitting here with my fingers crossed, and hoping for the best. Expect to hear a review from me in August as soon as the series is released.

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