“Cloverfield Paradox” revealed during the Superbowl?

Well done Netflix.

Netflix surprises us with a sudden reveal ( in between a commercial with Cardi B. as the new Alexa voice) of a new “Cloverfield” related original movie available now.

Available now? Slick move Netflix.

To reward us millions of Superbowl viewers with a secret ‘bonus’ of access to a new original movie. Thing is, I have been following Netflix on social media, and I didn’t see any of this coming.

So what is it supposed to be about?

According to the reveal trailer, this story will tell us the full details of what took place in the previous 2 movies with no stone left unturned.

netflix cloverfield paradox

The found footage genre set of ‘monster’ movies(think Godzilla), is what made it possible for the success of the 2 films “Cloverfield'”, and “10 Cloverfield Lane”.

With the crazy erratic film-making of these two films, it would be interesting to see which direction the Netflix version plans to take us. Possibly, a more psychological, and deep back story will be contained in the Paradox story line. Yet with the Netflix format, it should allow for some really tight, and crisp writing to explore more depth of the source material, and make this movie one onf a kind. We will see however, and I plan to check it out, and give a full review in upcoming posts.

Look out for further details soon…

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