The Quad on BET

Hey all, there is this new show on BET called “the Quad”.

It’s about the trials and tribulations of different people that are involved in some shape or form at a fictional historically black college. “The Quad” band

The story shifts between several main protagonists. There is the new dean of the school, who happens to be a woman, and her hiring for that position angers other staff members that felt they should have the position. R also follow a student that is an aspiring hip hop artist, that may be implicated in a crime that took place recently, and him maintaining his innocence.

“The Quad” football team

Additionally, a new white star quarterback comes to the school, against his racist fathers wishes.

One more character to mention is a female musician in the band that is talented, and driven, yet lacks the dancing ability for the choreography that is demanded as a member.

Overall, the storytelling of “The Quad” is well done, the actors perform well, and I doubt you will be dissatisfied, so check it out, and let me know what you think.

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