The Punisher on Netflix- the first 3 episodes

The Punisher on Netflix has finally arrived!

I woke up Friday morning and ran through my usual list of things to do, such as preparing statistical analysis, trying to run a blog, and running other various online businesses, and I


just happened to turn on Netflix just for the heck of it.

After I turn on Netflix I noticed that they had released marvels the punisher. As you all know due to recent tragic events Netflix decided to hold back on the release of “The Punisher” series this month. However, as me being a YouTuber as well, I often time to time look at and get reports from what other YouTubers have reviewed on Netflix.

So I was quite surprised when I noticed that I saw several YouTubers had already seen and reviewed the series on Netflix. How the heck did they get it? Well apparently some of these reviewers were based in Europe, such as a guy I noticed had reviews posted in the German language, so I’m not too mad.

So as I started finishing my conversation with my partner and brother, I was surprised to see that they decided to release it this past Friday. Now let me tell you a little bit about my style of reviewing. I’d like to give a series a little bit of breathing room and I don’t try to  do a complete binge watch over the weekend of a series, or in a single setting if you will.

The reason I do it this way is because of a couple reasons : first, being that I can’t really pay attention to much of what’s going on in the story because I also have other content that I have to review for other shows as well as running all of my online businesses and other endeavors.

The second reason is because I feel like I get annoyed after a while for a little certain things that I see your notice in a series or show after the third or fourth episode. Basically I get extremely critical of what I’m watching. I’ve done this starting with stranger things season one and anything in between. So let’s talk about the Punisher!

I would first like to say that I think that the way that Netflix started off the show kind of threw me off.

The reason why is because I keep forgetting that they are doing a dark, stylized drama and they are emphasizing the drama aspect of the story as well as character development. This seems to be the case with the Marvel Netflix products.

Way back in season one of ‘Daredevil’ this is something that I noticed was done on purpose. For that reason, the pacing seems to be a issue with Daredevil season one, Luke Cage, very much so in Iron Fist, and now in the Punisher.

Granted, you have to understand I have a very high level of analysis if I’m watching 3 to 4 shows at a time and not all 8 to 10 at once. This allows me to notice things that I believe completely non-objective fanboys just overlook. With that being said I


believe that the Punisher may be going in that direction for the first three hours of the series. It’s not so severe that it takes away from the story but it is definitely is noticeable that there is some slow periods in the story where the character development that’s taking place is either unnecessary or it feels like filler.

I do understand that a lot of the key elements that are taking place in the first part of the series are going to be addressed later on in the show such as dealing with the mafia, gangsters, military, and homeland security agents that are pretty much on to what the connection between some events in the Frank Castle’s past such as operations that went sour, that will connect his past to his current life and cause conflicts.

Action sequences are done very well and they are the best part of the series.

It seems that Jon Bernthal has really trained well in military tactics and fighting to bring  the Punisher’s deadly violent combat to life once again. He is probably one of the best iterations of the Marvel Netflix characters…( actually they’re all pretty good except for Iron Fist who sucks).

The show reveals some interesting sets, in war torn Afghanistan, while it also shows a lot of his mental anguish and a lot of flashbacks to develop him as a father and military veteran dealing with PTSD. This is great because it further develops him as a character and shows us why he is the way that he is.

As far as the cinematography is concerned, it’s not really crisp and clean and beautiful like I would hope it to be, yet it’s possible that the director and the cinematographer shows this look to show the gritty dirty life of Frank Castle. Other than this, the acting is done quite well with of course Jon Bernthal doing well in his representation of Frank Castle. I will be updating this particular review and reporting more details as I go through episodes four through six, and then 7-8.  Other  than that, happy streaming and have a great week.

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