“I love you America”- Sarah Silverman unleashed

Do you know what Sarah Silverman has been up to??


If you didn’t know, HULU has given her free reign in a new series titled, “I love you America”


Nude audience members, a fake late night co-host, and middle American Trump supporter families all mesh together for the premiere episode of “ I love you America“.

This new show is hosted by and created by Sarah Silverman, so you know there will be a lot of surprising, and somewhat gross moments of humor.

Since this is a Hulu original series, Sarah is is on full display and has an ‘anything goes’ attitude in this show. She “goes there” quite often actually.

This show apparently is going for that sweet spot between raunchiness, and sensibility. The only issue is I have is that I think that Sarah may be a loose cannon and her brand of humor will offend many viewers.

With all this being said though, I can see that Hulu is definitely the right destination for this show or series. I mean she starts off by giving us full frontals of nude male and female audience members genitals, so where do you think she’ll go next?


The show is in its infancy he which is a good thing because we can expect to see at least 10 shows before it possibly fizzles out.

So if you are into Sarah Silverman‘s brand of comedy(gross, teen, political), or are already a big fan of hers, you can sneak a peek on HULU.


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