Review: “Amazon Fire Stick-with Alexa”- Dorm and barrack gear

Are you missing out on the streaming media revolution?

Do you hear your friends and family discuss detailed plot lines in spoilers from different exclusive shows on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime Instant video, but have no idea how to watch The series?


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I understand you completely. Currently many devices are available to gain access to these original series provided by these new streaming content providers. One of the most compact yet feature-rich products available is the Amazon fire TV stick with Alexa remote.

This version of the fire TV stick has a built in voice remote which is unique as of this writing. The question is how does it work? Well this reviewer can tell you that it is quite responsive and snappy when attempting to use the voice features.

As you plug in the fire stick into the USB port of your HDTV, you will be able to see a brilliantly designed colorful menu home screen that will allow you to see and link into your streaming media accounts. You can watch Netflix, Hulu, Amazon prime instant video, HBO now, and many other streaming services.

As a former college student I found that this small compact device would be perfect for watching streaming shows off of your college Internet connection.





It is also quite portable and small, so with your limited space you can connect and watch your shows as easily as one, two, three. For you military folks, this is also a great benefit. If you are in a small barracks, connex living space, or just in a apartment in an overseas base post billet assignment, you will find that this little device will work wonders for your entertainment needs.

Especially since it is often difficult to watch United States television series while stationed overseas.


This veteran gives the Amazon fire TV stick a thumbs up and his seal of approval for this reason. So overall I’d rate the Amazon fire stick a 4.3 out of 5 stars.

There can be a little room for improvement, And I’d wager that Amazon is working on a new prototype that may add even more features.

If you’re interested in the Amazon fire stick with Alexa remote, click here to check it out or to read testimonials from other users of this cool device.

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