Def Comedy Jam 25- funny and memorable

So my brother calls me this morning and…(actually was last week) he alerted me to Bill Bellamy being on some late night show promoting Netflix’s “DEF Comedy Jam 25” special.





I had no idea that there was a special event that was only available on Netflix. It was good to see the camera pan around and see all of these comedians from the DEF comedy jam era were either on stage or they were in the audience.





People like Bruce Bruce, Dave Chapelle, Adele Givens, Cedric the entertainer, and so on and so on were on full display showing their comedy chops. Even still, the show was one of the funniest shows what I’ve seen in quite some time.



It was also even special mention given to the late great Bernie Mac. Last but not least, there was an extended blooper, where Dave Chapelle, and D.L. Hughley, kept messing up what was on the prompter, leading to an improvised bit that became a trending YouTube clip that you’ve just gotta see


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